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what is trade finance?

For businesses that want to grow and fulfil orders that are currently beyond their reach due to cashflow restrictions Trade Finance could be a viable commercial finance option. This type of finance provides a business the cashflow to enable it to deliver a large order or project that they would ordinarily have to turn down due to cashflow concerns. 

Trade finance can cover both domestic and international transactions. This type of business financing requires a seller and buyer; and can involve goods or services. For instance a construction company may use trade finance to enable them to take on a project that is larger than they would usually be financially able to.  Or a manufacturing firm may use trade finance to purchase the raw materials required to fulfil a large profitable order, that they otherwise would be unable to, due to lack of capital within the business. 

benefits of trade finance

Trade Finance is an alternative to taking out a business loan to enable your business to complete an order; and offers financial security to both the seller and the buyer. We can also help you with other aspects of the contract such as VAT and freight costs allowing you to concentrate on fulfilling the order.

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