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What Is Invoice Finance?

Invoice Finance is a way of raising cash from unpaid invoices. This allows you to quickly boost cashflow to make necessary payments or purchases, without having to chase for payment of unpaid invoices. Invoice Financing can be used as a regular source of cashflow or on a one-off basis when required. 

If your business is owed money by customers and needs to increase cashflow, invoice financing could be the right option for you. Invoice financing allows you to borrow money against the amounts due to your business from customers. Use the money to pay employees, suppliers, or reinvest it into your business more quickly than waiting for payment of the invoice due.

Benefits of Invoice Finance

How Invoice Financing Works

We can help you find the right Invoice Finance deal for your business.

Once you are set up with an Invoice Finance deal you pass the details of the unpaid invoice to the finance company.

The finance company will pay you the agreed percentage of the invoice. (Often around 90%)

Depending on the agreement you have either you chase payment of the invoice as per your usual business terms and conditions. Or the finance company takes on that role. 

After the outstanding invoice has been settled the finance company will pay you the remaining sum due minus any fees as per your agreement. 

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