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Invoice Finance

plumber with text 'Finance for Tradespeople'

Finance for Tradespeople

Plumbers, electricians, and other tradespeople are often small businesses that play an important role in the UK economy. Maintaining a viable business can sometimes be a struggle and growing a business even more difficult; utilising appropriate finance for tradespeople can help. There are several different commercial finance options that may be of use to tradespeople, keep reading to find out more.  Finance Options for Trades Businesses Many tradespeople learn their… Read More »Finance for Tradespeople

Start Up Business Finance

Start-Up Business Finance

Thinking of setting-up a new business? But wondering how you will finance such a venture? This article will look at the different options for start-up business finance. Depending on the nature of the business, getting started can be costly, and is a limiting factor for many entrepreneurs. However, there are options for financing all types of new business. Of course, the information below is a great starting point for information… Read More »Start-Up Business Finance

Finance for small construction companies

Finance for small construction companies

Without doubt one of the hardest hit industries in recent years has been the construction industry; each month construction companies of all sizes are collapsing. There has obviously been the Covid-19 pandemic that forced construction sites to completely shut down for several months; however, problems around the globe including other countries reactions to Coronavirus, Brexit, a blockage of the Suez Canal, and now the war in Ukraine are all having… Read More »Finance for small construction companies

Financing Business Growth In 2022

After two years of uncertainty due to the Coronavirus pandemic businesses were hoping for an improvement in outlook during 2022, however, it seems that the difficult times are set to continue. With the outbreak of war in Ukraine, surging fuel prices and an increase in National Insurance contributions, that will increase the financial strain on UK households, the struggle is set to continue. Financing business growth in 2022 may require… Read More »Financing Business Growth In 2022

Invoice finance for new start business

How Invoice Finance Can Help New Start Businesses

Small and medium size businesses (SME’s) make up a vast proportion of the UK economy. However, approximately 90% of new SME’s fail within the first 10-years of business, with 21.5% failing in the first year. Cash-flow is one of the most common reasons given for the failure of small and medium enterprises. Invoice finance is a type of commercial finance that can help new start-up businesses to overcome cashflow problems,… Read More »How Invoice Finance Can Help New Start Businesses

Recruitment industry invoice finance

Invoice Finance for the Recruitment Industry

Cashflow can be a big problem for the recruitment industry, this is where utilising an invoice finance service can be helpful. This article will explain the cashflow problems that are specific to recruitment; we will also look at what invoice finance is and how it can be utilised, as well as the specific benefits of invoice finance for the recruitment industry.   Cashflow in the Recruitment Industry One of the biggest… Read More »Invoice Finance for the Recruitment Industry

Invoice Finance for Manufacturing text with manufacturing background and blue overlay

Invoice Finance for Manufacturing

Invoice financing, when used appropriately, is a beneficial financial product within the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing businesses often struggle to maintain consistent cash-flow making it difficult to budget effectively. Times of economic downturn and business growth can both put strain on the cash-flow of manufacturing organisations; this is where utilising invoice finance facilities can assist business to navigate peaks and troughs and maintain liquidity and trading viability.   What is Invoice Finance?… Read More »Invoice Finance for Manufacturing

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How Invoice Finance can help businesses recover from COVID-19 pause

Impact of Coronavirus On Business COVID-19 was unexpected and has hit the UK economy hard, it has forced most businesses to put a pause on what they were doing or even to close completely. This has had a great impact on trading and the economy BUT it will return one day soon. With a lot of restrictions in place, businesses are having to phase re-opening and stick to the government… Read More »How Invoice Finance can help businesses recover from COVID-19 pause