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Industry Specific Finance

Finance for nurseries

Commercial Finance for Childcare Nurseries

It is well publicised that the cost of childcare is difficult for many families, and that the cost of providing childcare is rising and many nurseries are struggling. With both sides feeling the pinch, many childcare nurseries are aiming to keep pricing competitive and affordable, while also meeting their costs, and for commercial nurseries making a profit. Commercial finance can be a valuable tool to help support a nursery to… Read More »Commercial Finance for Childcare Nurseries

Fitness industry commercial finance

Commercial Finance for the Fitness Industry

Health and fitness is big business, with most towns and cities in the UK having a number of large chain gyms and fitness centres, as well as local authority run options and smaller independent offerings. In fact, in 2022 the industry was worth an estimated £1.7bn to the UK economy. However, just like other businesses Covid-19 had a major impact on the sector with prolonged forced closures. Likewise, costly gym… Read More »Commercial Finance for the Fitness Industry

Development Finance for Landlords 

Private landlords make up a large proportion of the rental sector of the housing market. Professional landlords, that own multiple properties and make their full-time living from doing so, may at times require commercial finance to help them improve and/or expand their portfolio. Development finance specifically can help landlords to renovate or even build rental properties.  What is Development Finance?  Development finance is a specific type of commercial finance that is… Read More »Development Finance for Landlords 

Commercial Finance For Hospitality 

It is fair to say that the hospitality industry has had a very difficult time recently. With prolonged closures during the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing costs, and the cost-of-living crisis hotels, pubs, restaurants, and cafes have been hit hard. If you are a hotel manager, pub landlord, restaurant, or café owner you may be wondering how you will continue to trade during the coming months let alone thrive. Commercial finance could… Read More »Commercial Finance For Hospitality 

Finance for salons

Commercial Finance For Salons

In the UK, the beauty industry is huge. Including hair salons, nail bars, personal grooming spas, and aesthetics companies there is a salon for every beauty requirement; and there is also commercial finance tailored for salons. Worth an estimated £27 billion in 2022, salons are a large part of the UK economy, however, despite demand for services there may be times when salon owners require additional funds. Commercial finance can… Read More »Commercial Finance For Salons

plumber with text 'Finance for Tradespeople'

Finance for Tradespeople

Plumbers, electricians, and other tradespeople are often small businesses that play an important role in the UK economy. Maintaining a viable business can sometimes be a struggle and growing a business even more difficult; utilising appropriate finance for tradespeople can help. There are several different commercial finance options that may be of use to tradespeople, keep reading to find out more.  Finance Options for Trades Businesses Many tradespeople learn their… Read More »Finance for Tradespeople

Buy-to-let mortgages for landlords

Buy-To-Let Mortgage For Landlords

Private rental properties are an essential component of the housing market in the UK. Some of these properties are owned by professional landlords with large property portfolios and others by accidental landlords with a single property. Whichever of these vastly different categories that you fall into, you may require a mortgage. This article explores buy-to-let mortgages, and the options that are available for landlords, to help you decide which would… Read More »Buy-To-Let Mortgage For Landlords

Start Up Business Finance

Start-Up Business Finance

Thinking of setting-up a new business? But wondering how you will finance such a venture? This article will look at the different options for start-up business finance. Depending on the nature of the business, getting started can be costly, and is a limiting factor for many entrepreneurs. However, there are options for financing all types of new business. Of course, the information below is a great starting point for information… Read More »Start-Up Business Finance

Asset finance for haulage companies

Asset Finance for Haulage Companies

Transport is big business and can be an extremely profitable industry to be part of. However, transporting goods around the UK and further afield involves expensive vehicles and changeable running costs, meaning that if business finance isn’t tightly controlled the fortunes of a haulage business can quickly look bleak. Understanding and correctly utilising asset finance for haulage companies can be a factor in the success or failure of an organisation,… Read More »Asset Finance for Haulage Companies

Finance for the Auto Repair Industry

Car garages and mechanics are an important part of the service industry in England, however, for small and independent businesses it can be difficult to succeed. From initial set-up costs to the ongoing cost of training and equipment maintaining liquidity can be tricky. This article considers finance specifically for the auto repair industry; we will look at asset finance, business loans and merchant cash advances as possible ways to maintain… Read More »Finance for the Auto Repair Industry