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Bridging Finance

Commercial Finance for Landlords

Buy a property, rent it out, make a fortune, is the image many people have of landlords; but the reality isn’t quite as simple. From financing the initial purchase, keeping the property up to standard, and covering other costs such as tenant payment default being a landlord can be financially difficult particularly when it comes to cashflow. There are lots of commercial finance options for landlords, but what are they… Read More »Commercial Finance for Landlords

Bridging Finance

How Bridging Finance Can Help When Purchasing Property

Bridging loans are a common type of finance, that can be used both for personal and business customers and have a variety of uses. In this article we will focus specifically on how bridging finance can help when purchasing a property. Essentially bridging finance, also known as ‘gap financing’ or a ‘swing loan’ is a short-term loan that bridges the gap while awaiting longer-term finance to become available.  Purchasing Property… Read More »How Bridging Finance Can Help When Purchasing Property