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Finance for small construction companies

Finance for small construction companies

Without doubt one of the hardest hit industries in recent years has been the construction industry; each month construction companies of all sizes are collapsing. There has obviously been the Covid-19 pandemic that forced construction sites to completely shut down for several months; however, problems around the globe including other countries reactions to Coronavirus, Brexit, a blockage of the Suez Canal, and now the war in Ukraine are all having… Read More »Finance for small construction companies

Financing Business Growth In 2022

After two years of uncertainty due to the Coronavirus pandemic businesses were hoping for an improvement in outlook during 2022, however, it seems that the difficult times are set to continue. With the outbreak of war in Ukraine, surging fuel prices and an increase in National Insurance contributions, that will increase the financial strain on UK households, the struggle is set to continue. Financing business growth in 2022 may require… Read More »Financing Business Growth In 2022

Commercial Finance for Landlords

Buy a property, rent it out, make a fortune, is the image many people have of landlords; but the reality isn’t quite as simple. From financing the initial purchase, keeping the property up to standard, and covering other costs such as tenant payment default being a landlord can be financially difficult particularly when it comes to cashflow. There are lots of commercial finance options for landlords, but what are they… Read More »Commercial Finance for Landlords

How Brokers Can Be a Great Support For Company Directors

Directors of small and medium sized companies are often incredibly busy and lack the correct type of support to effectively grow their business. Trying to work in and on their business, it is often difficult to balance every aspect and make the correct financial judgements, particularly where the company director has little knowledge or experience of commercial finance. In this situation a broker can be a great support for company… Read More »How Brokers Can Be a Great Support For Company Directors

Invoice finance for new start business

How Invoice Finance Can Help New Start Businesses

Small and medium size businesses (SME’s) make up a vast proportion of the UK economy. However, approximately 90% of new SME’s fail within the first 10-years of business, with 21.5% failing in the first year. Cash-flow is one of the most common reasons given for the failure of small and medium enterprises. Invoice finance is a type of commercial finance that can help new start-up businesses to overcome cashflow problems,… Read More »How Invoice Finance Can Help New Start Businesses

Explaining Refinance Asset Finance and How It Could Benefit Your Business

Looking for a quick cash boost for your business? But don’t have access to other types of finance? Refinance asset finance could be the solution that you are looking for. Continue reading to find out exactly what asset refinance is, the pros, and cons of this type of commercial finance and the process of securing a deal. Here you will find all the information you need to help you decide… Read More »Explaining Refinance Asset Finance and How It Could Benefit Your Business

How Development Finance Can Help Your Business

There are many different types of business finance, with different aims and purposes; in this article we will specifically look at Development Finance. If you are considering building or refurbishing a commercial property, then you may be interested in how development finance can help your business. A very specialised type of commercial finance, in this blog we will aim to explain what development finance is, its unique features, and the… Read More »How Development Finance Can Help Your Business

Bridging Finance

How Bridging Finance Can Help When Purchasing Property

Bridging loans are a common type of finance, that can be used both for personal and business customers and have a variety of uses. In this article we will focus specifically on how bridging finance can help when purchasing a property. Essentially bridging finance, also known as ‘gap financing’ or a ‘swing loan’ is a short-term loan that bridges the gap while awaiting longer-term finance to become available.  Purchasing Property… Read More »How Bridging Finance Can Help When Purchasing Property

why is cashflow important to business

Why is Cashflow Important for Business?

Success or failure of a business depends on many different factors. Whether you are in business or not it is likely that you’d consider profit or loss to be the foundation of success. However, less people give much thought to cashflow. In this article we are going to answer the question why is cashflow is important for business? Cashflow is in fact arguably the most important factor to the success… Read More »Why is Cashflow Important for Business?

5 Reasons to use a finance broker

5 Reasons to Use a Commercial Finance Broker

If you own a business, it is likely that at some point you will require commercial finance, whether to help you to grow and expand, purchase equipment, stock, or labour, or to help with cash flow through a difficult period. Business finance covers a wide array of products, and there are many lenders offering commercial finance deals to businesses of every size and in every industry; but what product, service… Read More »5 Reasons to Use a Commercial Finance Broker